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New Year, New You

Welcome 2020 with a fresh addition to your wardrobe, hand-picked for you according to your star sign.


The first of the zodiac; Aries is the fiercest of the star signs.

They’re trend setters & drama-lovers. Look to bold colours & confident shapes.


Logical, well-grounded & trustworthy; Taurus is regarded as the anchor of the Zodiac.

A solid set of basics are at the core of any well-edited wardrobe.


Two for the price of one: Gemini are quick-witted, youthful & highly regarded as the most social of the zodiac.

Dress-up for all your social occasions with the perfect party dress & heels.


Cancers find great comfort in the serenity & warmth of family & home.

Relax & unwind with matching lightweight loungewear sets.


Rule #1: the Leo is the most important person in the room.

Make a statement with bold animal prints or a glitzy lace camisole.


Logical, practical & methodical; Virgos are perfectionists at heart.

One of the four Earth signs: stick to tonal colours & free-flowing silhouettes.


Symbolically represented by scales, Libras are harmonious & in-balance.

Maintain equilibrium by pairing tops & bottoms in clashing shades for a striking contrast.


Scorpios make a statement wherever they go with their passion & enigmatic approach to life.

Red; the colour of passion.


Charismatic & adventurous, Sagittarius reflects a lust for living life to the fullest.

Stick to bold punches of colour that brighten your wardrobe.


The hardworker: adopting a practical approach to life, Capricorns would happily put in a full days work to reach a goal.

Dress for success with a full-suit look.


Power to the people: Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac.

Look to natural fabrics that move freely with the body.


Compassionate & intuitive, Pisces are highly emotional with an intense empathy for others.

True blue: look to blue ocean tones.